Common Ailments
- Neck pain & headaches

Muscle spasm or tension in your neck and upper shoulder muscles can put a strain on the joints in the cervical spine and can cause neck pain and headaches. In extreme cases this can cause the neck to lock and turning movements can be impossible .The TMJ or jaw joint is also a common culprit in causing headaches. Muscle tension can  be from sustained head postures e.g. holding the phone to the ear with the shoulder, chin poke position where the head  and neck poke forward, incorrect sleeping position e.g. sleeping on your tummy or incorrect height of pillows to name but a few. A therapist will examine your muscles and joints, release the muscle spasm and if necessary, mobilize the joints in the neck, shoulders and jaw. He or she can also give you some advice about strengthening weak muscles, how to do stretches, and postures to avoid which may be causing your pain.

Therapeutic Team

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