Common Ailments
- Ankle Sprains

Although ankle sprains and strains are very common, if not treated adequately, they can cause recurring injuries and lead to problems later in life. Sprains refer to tearing of ligaments while strains refer to tearing of the tendons and muscles. The most common area of sprains and strains is the laterally on the outside of the ankle. The mechanism of injury may involve stepping onto and uneven surface, slipping, and landing awkwardly. You may hear a pop or feel a tearing sensation. Pain is often instantaneous but the swelling and/or bruising may be very quick or it may increase over 24 hours.

A Therapeutic Edge, a therapist will assess which ligaments, tendons and/or muscles have been damaged and recommend which activities are safe and which ones should be avoided. Immediate reduction of the swelling and inflammation will speed up the healing process. At the time of the initial injury a good acronym to follow is: R. I. C. E. (rest, ice, compression, elevation). Appropriate strengthening and balancing exercises are extremely important to avoid the recurrent ankle sprain syndrome.

At Therapeutic Edge we will assess your ankle thoroughly to determine the degree of damage and will offer comprehensive treatment programs individually designed for your specific case including:

  • Mobilizations: small movements of one or more joints in the foot or ankle to decrease pain and restore normal biomechanical movement.
  • Manipulation: to improve spine or foot mechanics (sometimes joints become stuck and need to be moved with assistance to decrease pain).
  • Exercises: strengthening the muscles of the foot and ankle as well as balancing exercised are extremely important.
  • Physical modalities: ultrasound, TENS, laser, IFC, heat, ice, and neuromuscular stimulation
  • Acupuncture
  • Athletic taping or bracing
  • Education regarding your ankle injury, ways to facilitate recovery, and prevention strategies to minimize reoccurrence of injury.

Therapeutic Team

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